Its 10:00PM. Do you know where your breakers are?

When you see sparks or smoke coming out of an electrical fixture it is not the time to start looking for your electrical panel.

Do you know where your electrical panel or panels are?  Yes, many homes have more than one electrical panel.  Are the breakers inside the panels labeled?

If it is an emergency, just turn off the main breaker. Most of the time it is not an emergency, but a service issue when you need to turn off a breaker.  Indiscriminately turning off breakers may cause you to have to reset your clocks or create issues if you do not turn off your computer first.

Now that you have read this article go find your electrical panel or panels and make sure the breakers are labeled.  Also, it is important to know that when breakers trip they do not normally trip all the way to off.  To find tripped breakers you normally have to trip them to off and then re-trip to on.